A Modern approach
to patient ques

Our medical waitlist software simplifies patient management.

Easy Patient Management.

We have created an incredibly easy to use patient waitlist management tool for the medical field.  Our software runs in the cloud on any desktop computer browser.

Manage Patents and Their Expectations

Quickly add and edit patients to the waitlist along with expected wait times. This allows for managing of patient expectations.

Notify Patients with a Click

When a patient is ready quickly select them and cleck to notify via SMS Text Message. We have pre-made messages or create your own in any language.

Covid Testing Management.

When distance and safety are of the highest priority, using technology to create organized human separation will help your organization run more efficiently.

Patients Can Wait In Their Car

Testing patients are asked to wait in their cars or outside instead of in lobbies. Our solution allows for this to be done in an organized way that greatly increases the productivity of your facility.

Quick Scaling

Quickly scale depending on the testing deman that is required in your area. Our pricing allows for quick and affordable transitions from just a few patients to 1000's.


We have a team of experts ready to answer any questions you have regarding our medical waitlsit software.